Online Radiography Instructor

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Currently, there are a few online radiography programs in the United States but there are countless online nursing programs.  Educators can use social media tools such as blogs, podcast, and wikis to train healthcare professionals in a distance learning program. It is a well-known fact; allied health professionals are required to have hands-on experience; simulations can be a solution to meeting the requirements of hands-on training in allied healthcare online programs.

Below are links to general information about blogs and three prominent health-science blogs.


General information about blogs

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Michael Hansen the CEO of Cengage Learning wrote a blog on LinkedIn, ” Digital tools bring much-needed change in education affordability”  discussing the shift in how digital tools is enhancing learning and education and saving students money. He has 1, 769 followers on LinkedIn; readers respond and share his blogs on Facebook® and other social media sites.

Cengage is a great resource for educators and librarians; they offer teaching tips, resources, insights to many disciplines. They feature a new post every business day written by educators with years of experience in teaching traditional and online courses. Cengage has a high level of sharing content on Twitter®,  Facebook®, and LinkedIn®.

Digital Tools Bring Much-Needed Change in Education Affordability


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“The role of simulation in allied health education” is a blog written by Dawn Mangine. The blog discusses the benefits of using simulation in the training of allied health workers which includes improved patient safety and low risk to patient lives.
The online journal is featured on Sim Talk Blog, a great resource for healthcare workers and educators.  It extends the discussions in healthcare education from Pocket Nurse®.  The purpose of the blog is to promote the use of simulation for training healthcare workers. The benefits of utilizing simulation include low patient risk,  high rewards, accurate assessment, and customization.  Sim Talk features new blogs several times a week.

About Pocket Nurse®

Pocket Nurse® is a nurse-owned-and-operated company that specializes in medical education and simulation technology solutions for nurses, pharmacist, and allied health professionals.


The role of simulation in allied health education


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“Apps and tools: how to get organized in the classroom and out” is a blog written by Claire Moore for professional development and training.  She discusses different apps and tools educators can use to engage students and increase motivation in and out of the classroom. She provides a list and explanation of resources from Cengage learning solutions and outside resources like TED, Trello, Flipbaord, and Habitica.  The blog can be shared on Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn®, and Google+.



Apps and Tools: How to Get Organized In the Classroom and Out

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All pictures were taken from Pixabay with permission to use.

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